Lindsay Kline

My daughter can be a handful, and, in fact, was essentially kicked out of her last preschool. When I first contacted Creative Minds, I wanted to be sure they were actually able and willing to take her, so I was completely upfront about the challenges the other preschool had with her (kicking, biting, running away, not sleeping, etc). Rachel answered the phone, and I explained my situation. She immediately assured me that they were up for the challenge and we proceeded with a discovery day. I was impressed by the large bright classrooms, and the personal attention that the children received. Once we enrolled our daughter, we were excited to see that we had access to a web cam in her classroom anytime we wanted to check on her, and we receive daily detailed reports on Tadpole regarding meals, bathroom, naps, and pictures of her throughout the day. I have not received one phone call or bad report about my daughter, and she usually says, “yay” when she sees the school which tells me that she is receiving the kind of personal attention she needs to feel loved and welcomed.