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Grand Opening Special Offer

*** $1,000 off of Tuition fees ***

We are brand new school with brand new agenda. Our agenda is to change how preschools are viewed. It is not supposed to be where children are considered as a mechanical learners. We nurture them with active play and help them develop as an independent, thoughtful, creative children. We don’t force any one type of learning. Rather our staff strive to increase their capacity to learn, by focusing in Arts, Music, and active uninterrupted play, we nurture their emotional development which becomes the foundation for future learning.

During our Grand opening promotion due to our lower tuition rate you save over $100 per month. This savings continues throughout the 2015-16 school year.

What is more? We waive our annual registration fee of $300 during this period as well. Together you save over $1000 in this school year.

Some highlights about our program:

  • – We are the only preschool in Frisco to offer MusicTogether®
  • – We do not nickel and dime our families with supply fee every quarter
  • – We provide AM/PM meals and snacks at no extra cost
  • – Our curriculum is one of its kind in the area.
  • – We are not a typical Montessori or national chain with cookie cutter formula. We are innovative and will bring out the creativeness in your child.
  • – You & your loved ones get to see your child from WatchMeGrow® program (live video streaming)
  • – There is no enrollment fees, during grand opening
  • Try us. We offer 100% satisfaction guarantee. Your tuition will be refunded for the current week. No questions asked!
  • – Want to learn about Tuition Free Months?